Monday, September 29, 2008

Tell it like it is

Nel's mom's birthday was Saturday, so his dad had a really nice cookout for her yesterday. Let me make one thing super clear: i love Nel's family. they are some of the nicest people i have ever met, and they make it known that i am family no matter what.

Hm. no matter what, huh? i assumed he had told his family about our split, seeing as how a week from now it will be going on three months. instead, i was introduced to some of his mom's friends as Nel's Girlfriend. this, after a kiss on the cheek in front of the family that i wanted to choke him over. did i think it was sincere? hell no.

i was livid about this. i figured after this long, one of the three people who knew would have accidentally or otherwise, told his parents. apparently, this has not happened yet. i smiled politely, shook hands and gave hugs, and gritted my teeth. i chose not to bring this up at the cookout. it wasnt the time nor the place for theatrics.

when i got home (after yet another "goodbye" kiss on the cheek in front of my parents...grrr) i decided to ask him why his parents had not been informed. after all, my picture graces three rooms in their house. and if we arent "together" they should have the right to decide whether they need glamour shots of me with the rest of their family. what happened was a series of texts that went like this...

me: why havent you told your parents about things yet?

Nel: what things....

me: what do you think? they dont know we split do they.

Nel: my sister knows, thats our business, why do they have to know

me: well i got real tired of people asking when i was moving down with you, and being introduced as your girlfriend.

Nel: I told her because seh asked. if you get tired of it, tell them you're not my girl anymore...

me: i didnt want to be rude while your mom was introducing me. its not my job to tell your parents. i told mines already. but if you want i can call your mom and answer all the questions she has about the situation...

Nel: Do what you do. Have fun with your new man, i know someone has scooped you up by now....

me: yeah between Kroger and Walmart i found someone. that and being sick for a week. just know that if anyone asks im telling them whats up. and im not lying for you either.

Nel:whatever. you are not going to ruin my day. we can talk about this some other time.

me: im not discussing it later. we arent going to get anywhere then either...

Nel: we could have talked about this earlier when you were here!

me: i wasnt going to talk about that with people around.

he then called me, and an hour-long arguement ensued. the usual was said, i was nosy, and it was pretty much all my fault for things happening. i didnt like to cook or clean, i didnt pay him enough attention. i called it how i saw it. regardless of whether he ever did anything with the girl, his track record was shit. how was i supposed to believe him when i had been lied to so many times.

as it stands now, he wanted to try and get me a car. not interested. he is getting an apartment in the next few weeks. good for you, not moving in. i have never asked him for anything, and i never will. he mentioned how my "pride" is always in the way, i never want help, ask for help, need help. what is so wrong with that? apparently, a lot.