Sunday, August 31, 2008

New beginnings or old starts?

i decided to start this blog over. at first i was going to erase what i had done before, but it has some relevance to what is going on now.

i find myself now 27 years old and starting over. i feel like im 19 all over again, except i have debt and kids. trust me, if you havent hit rock bottom, its a bad feeling.

since about July of last year, life for me has been, well, dramatic. i have gone thru (in this order) physical therapy during my pregnancy, finding out my maternity leave was unpaid, having my hours cut at work, burying my daughters aunt in her 30's from breast cancer, finding out my grandma was ill, having Niecy, losing my job, losing my apartment, leaving my significant other, losing my grandmother, losing my car...did i leave anything out? probably did.

daddy said that Life won't give you more than you can handle. REALLY?? he said that God has a way of getting your attention in ways you don't expect, like, or want. REALLY???? well God and Life are really not feeling me right now.

i had planned on going back to school this semester. that has now been thrown out the window. still cant find a job after 9 months of searching. no car to drive if i happened to find a job. besides my health (and i cant be 100% sure thats okay, since i had no insurance) i have nothing. just me and the girls...

funny how you can go from something to nothing, overnight.