Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm on the phone with Nel.

last night he asked me "where we went wrong"...say what? so i cut and pasted the last post and emailed it to i am going thru a "conversation" about how i'm keeping the kids from him...really? i have to ask for you to cough up money for Niecy? i dont meet you halfway? well since i have no car thats kinda hard.

and then we are back to the "why havent you moved down here" conversation.

BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO...and that excuse leads you to believe i have found someone else...ctfu! dude, the only guy i see more than my DAD is my older white-bread neighbor Mr. Taylor....and he is waaaay past his expiration date.

now i have "turned into that woman that people talk shit about"...hahahHAAAAAAAA! really? it makes me soo happy that my name is coming out of peoples mouths...your family and friends know me better than you think, please dont underestimate their intellect.

and finally, he asks "so you are seriously done with us?" because APPARENTLY i havent made that clear enough. the letter, the conversations, the saying (and i quote) i dont want to be with getting very irritated now. im tired of discussing this. im tired of the fussing and fighting, i am so over this that i feel like im back at the very beginning. and now supposedly i need to grow up....?


had i known this was going to occur years ago, i might have left the very first time we had issues and left it at that. i knew when i got pregnant that things were not going to be the same with us and here we are, just like your average divorced/separated/broken up baby mama and baby daddy...fussing over the trivial things that life has to offer and getting absolutely nowhere. I dont appreciate having to day dream about the past before my child was born and how different things were....