Friday, March 20, 2009

Food for the Soul

Nel just called me up, asked if he could take me out to dinner...let me back up just a bit and give you some info. one thing we have in common is food. i love to eat, he loves to cook, its basically a match made in heaven on that level...but he tends to use it sometimes to "fix me".
this weekend, i was going to go to DC but instead ran up on a snag, so now i am going to a few biker parties here with a girlfriend of mines and meet up with some people i know. Nel has no clue where im going, who im going with, how long i will be gone: and i like it like that! for the past week or two he has been asking vague questions so he can piece the puzzle together, but you cant trick a trickster, im three steps ahead. last week when he called, he asked was i going to his parents house this weekend. the convo went something like this:
nel: well im coming down friday or saturday and going to see my parents
me: okay thats fine.
nel: so are you going with us?
me: no.
nel: why not?
me: i have plans.
nel: to do what?
me: go somewhere.
nel: well you cant go with us? i was gonna go down to see them and maybe run to (insert fave soul food restaurant here)
me: (thinking, slick bastard. that buffet is NOT gonna sway me): thanks but i have plans.
by then he was heated...and i was cracking up on my end of the phone. he actually tried to sway me with the offer of a meal at my favorite spot. well played, but not well enough.
back to todays invite. he wants to take me out to eat. i told him i would think about it, but in a tone that said "i really dont think its happening" and not "i will lead him on for a while and then say yes"...and he picked up on it. he asked could we just start over again, and i told him that i cant. i simply can NOT start over at this point. he said he misses spending time with me...and i told him that when i ended things i KNEW he wouldnt be seeing me. thats the point, right?
i think i hurt his feelings, he said i dont have to go to dinner but if i change my mind, just let him know. i hate to hear him sound so damn...pitiful, but he will be okay...