Friday, May 15, 2009


What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of love?
ok so i'm not admitting to nosiness or snooping, but there has still been some contact between Nel and the person we had some issues with a while back. plus, there has been quite the addition of newer names to our phone book...hmmm. i wont even mention the one who had Nasty Girl next to her name. oh wait. i just mentioned her.
so anyway, not that i care about who/what he is doing, but what i dont appreciate is the daily questioning about when im going to come back to him, when im going to move down there where he is, when im going to fix our family.
Me? this is all on me?
Look, since the break up, which was July 4th of last year, i havent met or made any new male friends. i mean i have a few guys i keep contact with over the internet, but they are all in different states and are no threat to anyone. i might go out from time to time, but i havent taken the time out to persue anyone. could i? you are damned right i could.
back to my original question: what are u willing to sacrifice for the sake of love. are you willing to cut the bullshit out? can you set boundaries and follow them? i dont know if Nel has gotten it yet. of all my male friends, if i had to cut them out so that we could rebuild our relationship, i would do that. well, all except 1 who is more like a brother, but if it called for it, i would back off from him too.
im not seeing that Nel is willing to sacrifice yet. things have been a little bit better, but nowhere near where they need to be. remember that letter i wrote to him a few posts back? ( for any new readers...) well it detailed what he needed to work on. he has worked on a few things, his attitude has greatly improved and that was my main issue, but my second issue from the top was his lack of sacrifice. I cant make him sacrifice anything. that is something he has to work on himself but dammit, its a big one.
if he was serious, he would clean that phonebook out of all the "clutter"....aka any unnecessary women. if this relationship is ever going to be repaired, this is the final opportunity to get things back on track. and should i see a continued lack of sacrifice, im not going to even consider trying to fix things.


JSADTheKing said...

Ok, Im just going to say people don't change what ever problems exsisted before will likely still be there. Don't settle for less than what you deserve because your frustrated by what you don't have right now in your life. Be patient and pray.

lilioohpyt said...

I have to agree when I say that people don't change! It may become better for a while but in the end it seems as though he doesn't think that he needs to let these excess women go...i hope that you can be strong and put your foot down by making the decision to move on if deemed necessary....