Monday, February 23, 2009


A man is to respect, serve, and love his own woman...the same woman. He is to fill her above the brim with respect and love of herself. All that runs over will be his, because if she respects and loves herself, she will respect and love him. --PrettyBoy, on

hm. i love that quote. i dont know if its from a philosopher, or a poet, but it rings true in so many ways...

as of February 28, i have had to end things with Nel on a permanant note. things werent working and he was oblivious. i asked him did he think things were getting better and he said yes. YES??? Really?

ladies (and gents) if you experience any of these warning signs, its time to split.

1. you notice your attitude plunge southward when he comes around. i became uberbitch when he appeared and he was constantly asking why i was being so rude? it was because his very presence pissed me off. why? i dont know. and that is what is so scary.

2. you just dont give a shit about anything to do with your appearance. at all. get my hair done? why? change out of pajamas? get my mind it got to the point where i didnt feel i needed to get cute for him even though we hadnt seen each other for a week.

3. he comes, you leave. i would have thought this was obvious with him. despite the fact that i get NO BREAK being mommy during the week, i made sure i was MIA when he got bar? didnt matter. i would get sexy and sit at walmart if i had to, but i had to make it seem that i would and could get someone else.

those are just a few of the things i noticed about myself, they may or may not pertain to you but be careful about number 1...its a doozy and i realized how nasty i was to everyone when he got here! im sure there are other signs that i might not have had but i sure did notice these three and now that he is not my concern, my life has lightened up a bit...