Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Long...for now?

so you probably wanna know about last week, and our convo about putting a halt to trying to work things out. and i dont blame you, so here is some clarification.
first off, when i said i dont wanna move down there because i just dont...that is it. i just dont. there is no hidden reason. im not running down there behind you, and thats what i would be doing, because i have nothing else down there to go for.
you have to admit, that whole text message thing threw us off, but all it did was separate us long enough to take a look at things and see if they needed to continue. well, i guess you didnt take time to think while we had a break. you have to realize, when u drive a wedge between us, it gives me time to think...u have to be willing to accept what i discover during that time.
why ON EARTH would you mention marriage? two years ago when i mentioned it, i got an hour long lecture about how i was "pressuring you". and then, just last week, u had the nerve to tell me i was doing what all your friends said i would do when we got married. so whats changed your mind? are you now willing to accept my changes and how things might be? i dont believe it.
i dont want you to think that i dont love you anymore, or i dont like you. i just cant be with you. maybe thats permanent, maybe its temporary. but right this second, i want to be by myself. we have done a lot of growing in the past 6 years, we arent the same people anymore, you need to realize that just like i did not too long ago. we have different goals now. i want to be on my own. because of circumstances in my life, i have never had a chance to do things for myself and thats what i want! we both still have a lot of growing up to do...take this time and figure out what you really want, because that is what im doing too.


Anonymous said...

I love the new pic diqua...We some hot mamas, you and me!!! LOL...anyhoo...I think you should do what is best for sadiqua and those little girls...Do all the things you ever wanted before you walk down the marriage path..Take it from a chick who has been with the same man for 11 years...There are things I wished I had done before becoming this settled...Like you said you might change your mind later as for right now, he aint where it's at...Have fun, meet new people, focus on the girls and getting your life together and the man or men will come!!!

Sadiqua P said...

i cant wait lol!