Thursday, October 9, 2008

Out of all of us....

She thought it would have lasted a very long time.

"she" is Tee, one of my bff's from elementary school. hadnt talked to her for several months til today. she has been trying to stalk me like several other people in my life. i havent been one for much conversation recently, but she understood after she had heard what had been going on.

Tee was expressing her sympathy towards Grandma's passing, and asked me how things were since Nel had moved. i laughed softly and told her that we had split.

"You what? you split up?" she said, shocked. "But i thought, out of all of us..." her voice trailed off, and i could imagine her thru the phone, shaking her head in disbelief. i know what the rest of the sentence was: you would have lasted forever.

my girlfriends relationships run the gamut. some are rocky, some are still questioned, others are wonderful. somehow, we got categorized into the wonderful category. Nel and i, other than his habit of sharing our relationship details with his "female friends" never really discussed our relationship. or at least i didnt. i think that is why it came as such a shock to people. we werent the type to argue in public, or rant and rave to other people. if things didnt get worked out, they just didnt get worked out. end of story. other people werent involved. from the outside looking in things were...normal.

i hope that Tee never envied us. i hope nobody envied us. our relationship had its ups and downs like everyone elses does. it just goes to show you what happens behind closed doors can be far different from what you see on the outside.


socialedisturbed. said...

im so sry to read about ur gma... man o man! i just a loved one too. its horrible.