Monday, February 5, 2007

Goin' to the chapel...

After much deliberation, crying, praying, begging, mistakes, heartbreaks, etc. etc... im getting hitched!!

i decided to start this blog as i embark on one of the newest changes in my life: marriage. i will admit, i was skeptical about this whole "blog" thing. ive kept a diary from the time i was in first grade. i think its amazing to look back and read what was running thru my head at the time. some of my most difficult times were documented in a diary. i usually slack off from time to time, but i always start fresh when something big has happened or is about to.

i think i waited long enough to get hitched. im 26 now, in my prime if i might add, and life hasnt been too bad to me. im actually happy now! i havent always been that way, some of you know the story, i plan on writing a book about/on it, just to share with younger girls about the dangers of...well, a lot of things.

but anyway, as of this past saturday, we finally picked our cake. (oh, fyi, his name is nel. he's 28, and he's a chef. i know, right? i scored a chef! lol) our date is only 6 weeks away, which means over the next few weeks ive got to crunch in all this extra exercise i should have been doing anyway. nel said he's not joining in. just as well, theres not enough room for two sexy people at the alter...until later...