Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i miss you

yep. the night after ILY, he told me he missed us. me in particular. once again, i shut him down with an "ok, goodnight"....

why is it that people cant take responsibility for their actions? if you messed around and got caught, dont pull that "i miss you" bull. really? you do? did you miss me when you were with the other person? i bet i didnt even cross your mind.

i am a good person. i dont steal, i dont drink and beat my kids, i dont cheat people...i just live my life the best i can and expect to be treated that way. is it too much to ask to be told the truth from time to time? i know it will hurt my feelings. but im a big girl now, and big girls need to receive that respect.

so instead of missing me, how about you respect me, as the mother of your child, as a black woman, and for just being me. i miss THAT.


Eb the Celeb said...

i know that's right... i dont know why men feel its their decision whether or not we can handle the truth

Anonymous said...

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